Business Name

TJ Garage Doors

Phone Number

(323) 986-3489

Service Area

Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of garage doors are available from TJ Garage Doors in Los Angeles, CA?

TJ Garage Doors offers a wide range of garage door options including traditional raised and flush panel designs, contemporary full view glass doors, custom wood options and more. Customers can choose from diverse colors, styles, materials & finishes to match their home’s aesthetic.

How do I schedule a garage door repair service with TJ Garage Doors?

To schedule a service appointment for your garage door repair needs, simply give the team at Tj Garage Doors a call or fill out the online contact form our website. They will work with you to find an available date and time that fits your busy schedule.

What is included in regular maintenance services provided by TJ Garage Door technicians?

Regular maintenance appointments include thorough inspections where all moving parts are lubricated as necessary, operational capacity verified (i.e., checking springs tension) , balance tests performed and replacement recommendation made when signs of wear-and-tear appear over time which helps prevent breakdowns down line via early detection signals being addressed proactively rather than after damages have occurred causing larger issues needing resolution at later date thus resulting additional expense in process